Nova Maze – FAQ

Nova Maze FAQ

Q: Why is Nova Maze not available in my country?

A: Nova Maze is currently distributed via Google Play, and they don’t support distribution in certain countries. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this.

Q: Nova Maze looks squished/stretched on my device! Can this be fixed?

A: Yes it can. Simply go to the in-game settings menu (via the ‘hammer and wrench’ button) and check “Preserve aspect ratio.” Note, however, that this may cause a small decrease in the game’s frame-rate due to the extra internal scaling that needs to be done every frame.

Q: The game gets considerably slower when I start drawing or finish a level. Can this be fixed?

A: Yes, this can be helped, but it depends on the device you have. Some devices have a hard time drawing transparent particle effects over a large area. To reduce the complexity and number of particle effects, un-check the “HD particle effects” button in the game’s settings.

Q: I want to reset my progress (including achievements) in the game. How do I do this?

A: If you want to start over from scratch, there’s a red button that’ll do just that in the game’s settings. Note that if you accidentally reset your progress and achievements, you can’t ever get them back without playing the game again.

Q: I paid for the ad-removal and Google Play said that the payment was successful, but the game can’t verify my purchase! Why?

A: To reduce piracy by people who are dishonest unlike you, the game securely verifies purchase information with our servers, and no personal information is ever transmitted to us during this process. This verification may fail for certain reasons including (1) a slow or intermittent internet connection, (2) a problem with our servers, or (3) a problem with Google’s servers. Since Google said the payment was successful, we should have a record of the purchase which will cause the game to try and re-verify purchase information at next start-up. Force-stop the app (tutorial here), then wait a few minutes before starting it again (also make sure you have a good internet connection). If the game repeatedly still can’t verify the purchase info even with a good internet connection, please Contact Us as soon as possible and we’ll help you work things out.

Q: I totally love Nova Maze and can’t wait to tell other people about it! What’s the best way to do this?

A: Well, we’re excited to hear you like it! 😀 More than anything, leaving an honest review of the app on Google Play is the best way to share your support for our software. Other than that, if you have access to social media, definitely share links to the game with your friends and followers. On Twitter, use the hash-tag #NovaMaze. Also, if you have a blog or vlog, a little article or video mentioning your new favorite app is more than welcome.

Q: I have a specific question that’s not answered here. Do you have a specific answer?

A: That specifically depends…  😉 Feel free to contact us with your inquiry right here!

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